Services & Rates

We love all animals and look after all different kids of pets. This means our services cover a wide spectrum of needs from dog walks to popping in while you are away to feed your cat, have playtime and even grooming.

Our basic services are listed below and price can depend on the number of pets to be looked after, the length of placement etc…

But, If you are in need of a service that isn’t listed below, please just ask!

Dog Walking

We walk dogs on their own with options starting from 1/2 hour per walk for one dog.

If you have a multi-dog household or your dog and their friend like to be walked together, please enquire.

From £16

Feeding Visits

Perfect if your pet  just needs to be fed, watered and possibly have some cuddles and play-time!

A basic visit is anything up to 1/2 hour but get in touch to enquire about longer visits.

From £13.50

Day Sitting

Half day or whole day visit in your home. This Includes any walks or feeds during that time. This service usually applies to dogs but sometimes we are also asked to watch cats, especially kittens, please enquire!

From £35

house sitting

A great option so your pets stay in their own environment where they feel at home and safe but also provides security for your house. If your pet needs 24/7 supervision, we can provide two sitters where needed.

From £60

Other Services

If you require a more tailor-made plan for your pet, please get in touch to discuss your requirements. Please do let us low if you have additional requests such as plant watering, fish feeding or taking the bins out/in.

We also offer pet nanny services for weddings and special days when you would like your pet to take part but require help for supervision during the event.

Pricing available on request

Pet Requirements


The law states dogs must have an ID tag with a minimum of your name and address on it. However, I recommend a phone number too. A dog must be microchipped and please do keep your microchip up to date!

There are no other legal requirements for other pets, however, I do recommend your cat is neutered and microchipped to reduce the likelihood of straying and getting lost and increasing your chances of your cat returning to you should he/she get lost.

We care for all pets including dogs, cats, small furry animals such as rabbits, hamsters, even degus are a regular for us.

We have experience with reptiles including tortoises, chameleons, geckos, snakes and bearded dragons!

Even chickens… so don’t ever think your pet is too unusual, we love all animals!

 If you are worried your pet has challenging behaviour, we would need to discuss this. Behaviour that is beyond what we can reasonably and safely deal with would have to be referred to a dog behaviourist.

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