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Animal lover, reliable pet walker and sitter.


I’m Sinead and I have always loved animals and the special bond we form with our pets. I have had cats since I was 6 years old and I got my first dog walking job when I was only 10. I soon found out, it’s not as easy as you first imagine.

I now have a decade of solid experience working with animals including dog walking, pet sitting including house sitting. I have had regular experience with all breeds, sizes and personalities of dogs.

When it comes to dog walking, I tend to take on the dogs that need or prefer solo walks or walks only with their housemate or best friend. This means I can take on the dogs that need a little extra attention or are larger breeds.

Whilst not a qualified dog trainer or a behaviourist, I do incorporate a certain amount of training in my walks if it’s needed.

This could be lead-training to reduce or stop pulling, reducing anxiety levels or improving recall.

 However, if a dog requires more than basic training, I will refer you to a dog behaviour specialist to help.

Additionally, I also have 2.5 years’ experience working as a Veterinary receptionist at an Animal Hospital for a charity and a few months of volunteering experience in a cat rescue centre, for Battersea Dog & Cat Home as well as a local pet shop.

I took my love for animals and created a business

I adopted two rescue kittens and wanted to give them the best possible chance in life, so I signed up to a Pet Nutrition Diploma. I didn’t know exactly what I was going to do, I just knew I had to act on this love I had for animals. People had always told me how good I was with animals and I realised, I could actually do it as a job.

So, I signed on for an adult Animal Care Level 2 Diploma at night college and looked for suitable positions in the meantime. I also started volunteering for Cats Protection as a Cat Carer. I really loved the course and I loved the work!

I passed the diploma with distinction and got a job at the PDSA as a vet receptionist. I went on to do more courses including Canine First Aid with Wood Green, an Animal Care Level 3 certificate online and a Cat History & Behaviour course with Cats Protection.

I did pet sitting on the side for experience and to get a bit of pocket money.

Today, I have dozens of regular clients and each animal I look after really does hold a special place in my heart.

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